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IATP Site User Online Survey

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  • E-Learning:
    Instructional Design Technologies

Published by: Moscow, Kameron, 2004
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About IATPAbout IATP

Overview of IATP Tasks

IATP brings together alumni from 65 Russian cities with the goal of building vibrant online communities dedicated to information exchange among colleagues, academicians, business professionals and other citizens. Alumni targeted by IATP represent 22 professional and academic programs funded by the U.S. Government and maintain ongoing interaction via the Internet with counterparts in all of the 50 states. This unique model of professional collaboration has produced a diverse, technology-literate alumni population spanning the vast ethnic, racial, socio-economic and geographic areas of Russia. IATP alumni, along with the other targeted audiences, continue to shape the developing democratic systems across Russian society through interaction enhanced by the Internet and IATP.

How to Support Project Harmony's Mission

Your generous support enables Project Harmony to develop new initiatives, enhance current programming, continue advancing society, and connecting people throughout the world. The following giving options are offered for your convenience

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Программа Обучение и доступ к Интернет (IATP): развитие Интернет ресурсов, обеспечения свободного доступа к Интернет.
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Coming up soon in the IATP centers

In the coming up month there will be seminars and courses conducted in the IATP centers.

Now you can leave us your feedback on seminars and courses that you have recently attended at the IATP centers.


Ask the Ambassador

Ambassador William Joseph Burns
Ambassador William Joseph Burns
Ambassador William Joseph Burns
Q: Honorable Ambassador, could you tell me, what kind of tendency exists in immigration from Russia to the U.S.? Is it decreasing or growing? And what are the reasons for this? Aleksei Loginov (Nizhegorodskiy)

Q: Hello, Mr. Ambassador. In you opinion, how fast and on what level will US - Russian trade relations develop, and when will the Jackson-Vanick amendment be canceled? Dmitriy (St. Petersburg)

Send your questions about U.S.-Russia relations to Ambassador William J. Burns! Every week, the Ambassador will answer questions from among those he receives, and his answers will be posted on our website. Please submit your questions in the field provided at: http://moscow.usembassy.gov/embassy/embassy.php?record_id=ask_ambassador

Or follow the links on the embassy's main page: moscow.usembassy.gov .



Internet and Computer Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

The IATP Alumni Initiative Fund implementation comes to a close in Magadan. Alumna Tatiana Slobodina’s seminars “Internet and Computer Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning” consisted of 24 hours of instruction (two 6-hours and three 4-hours) and included intensive interactive lectures and hands-on practice sessions.

Several teachers from local schools and gymnasiums took part (№ 1, 2, 7, 13, 18, 24, 27, 30) in addition to instructors from the Northern Humanitarian Lyceum and Northern international University. Each seminar gathered 10 to 15 people of which only six had basic computer knowledge and four possessed limited Internet knowledge. A survey conducted at the beginning of the project underscored that none of the participants were using the Internet or computers in the education process.

The participants gained a broad knowledge of the linguistic capabilities available on the Internet, learning software platforms dedicated to teaching foreign languages and the options the Internet presents for planning foreign language study and enhancing communication.

Ivanovo-New Jersey Exchange Project

Students from Fairleigh Dickinson University (New Jersey) and Ivanovo State University (Ivanovo) met in cyberspace from March 7, 2006 to June 9, 2006 during the local IATP center’s project “Ivanovo-New Jersey: Online Cultural Exchange”. Fulbright Scholar (2000) Olga Antsyfyorova headed the project with the assistance of her university’s foreign literature department to acquaint all students involved with university life in Russian and the United States. During the project participants were motivated to reflect on their own and foreign cultures by studying documentary productions of Russian and American history. Intensive dialogue took place in the form of electronic messages and video clips after watching the Russian film “Aleksander Nevskiy” and the American film “1942: Conquest of Paradise”.

“Stairs of Success – Alumni”

Svetlana Yegorova, CC 2004, Stairs of Success: Alumni, Smolensk Humanitarian University.
Svetlana Yegorova, CC 2004, Stairs of Success: Alumni, Smolensk Humanitarian University.
Svetlana Yegorova (Community Connections 2000) wrapped up her Alumni Initiative Project in the city of Smolensk on June 13, 2006 – “Stairs of Success – Alumni”

More than 44 people took part in the seminars and educational courses of which 19 were exchange program alumni. The other 26 participants were students of local universities, businesses, NGO leaders most of which had attended the IATP centers fundraising seminars several times. The fundraising seminars gathered 71 people

The alumni attending the events unanimously agreed they need to form an association, utilize and promote the IATP center’s resources, conduct cooperative events that incorporate the knowledge and experience they gained while in the United States.

All Russian Library Day Shines in Tomsk

On May 31, 2006 the Tomsk Regional Library named in Honor of Pushkin hosted All Russia Library Day. IATP center employees prepared for the event by creating their first video clip about the operations of the library’s IT department and the IATP center. They also produced a virtual album «Pages from an Ancient Album” to share with their colleagues across the Russian Federation and the world.

Rehabilitating Children with Limited Vision and Social Adaptation through Including Children into Existing Creativity On-Line Networks

1 March – 29 May 2006. The IATP center located at the Nizhni Novgorod Boarding School for Deaf Children hosted a public awareness outreach event titled “Rehabilitating Children with Limited Vision and Social Adaptation through Including Children into Existing Creativity On-Line Networks.”

Using IT in Education (Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic)

12 May 2006. Mari El State University in association and the Yoshkar Ola IATP center hosted the third annual academic conference “Using IT in Education”. More than 150 individuals took part in the event including 25 alumni of ECA exchange programs and over 90% of the participants were IATP alumni.

Alumni Present International Cultures

12 May 2005. The Republic of Karelia IATP center participants of the “Meeting of Cultures” opened the event with the hymn of the Russian Federation. The organizers sought to underscore the need to institute in children a deep sense of patriotism and pride in their country. Yet, one of the event’s primary target audiences, orphans, is often left behind in such endeavors. Alumni of ECA exchange programs decided to take this opportunity to reach out to the orphans and share alumni experience.

World Intellectual Property Rights Day

26 April 2006. In collaboration with the Novosibirsk IATP center, the _________ Russian Academy of Science gathered patent specialists based in Novosibirsk attending the International Property Rights Day initiated by the World Intellectual Property Rights Organization.

Adaptive Technology for Independent Living for People with Other Abilities


Role game « the Narcotism – a way in anywhere!»


Alumni Projects in Action

Toliatti “Development through Education” Foundation conducted All-Russia Chat Conference on April 5, 2006. The Chat Conference was funded by Project Harmony and was conducted within “Secure School Areas” Project. Chat room was available on-line at URL: http://fund.tgl.ru/chat/index.php.

Friend’s Hand: Volunteers Teach the Blind to Operate Personal Computer

IATP Center located at the Archangelsk Regional Scientific Library in Honor of Dobrolyubov keeps on teaching computer courses to the blind. An idea to work with the blind first appeared back in 2004 and in 2005 “Friend’s Hand: Volunteers Teach the Blind to Operate Personal Computer” project started.

Microsoft and Project Harmony Partner to Train Underserved in Russia

Project Harmony is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of a 2006 Microsoft Unlimited Potential grant for activities in Russia. Microsoft Unlimited Potential (UP) is a global initiative designed to help broaden digital inclusion and aid global workforce development by providing technology skills through community technology centers. The Unlimited Potential program is working around the world to create opportunities that can change lives, transform communities, and strengthen local economies.

Alumni Project Support!

Projects have been selected for funding during the sixth phase of the IATP. In total, 35 projects were submitted from all across the Russian Federation. Project Harmony and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State congratulate the winners!

High Speed Internet - High Speed Education

Young Learners at Work
Young Learners at Work
How many Internet centers can one site handle? Mari El State University serviced 288 users in one day on 25 February 2006 during the academic conference “School Informatics”. The conference has become a tradition in the Republic of Mari El and consisted of six sections: programming, websites (2), presentations (2) and multimedia. Demonstrations were held during each group promoting the new multimedia resources and programs created by the conference participants. The jury consisted of professors of Mari El State University and local school teachers. The organizers used the conference to also show off the university’s physics-mathematics laboratories and the IATP center.

Women Health in 21st Century

On February 15, 2006 IATP Center located in the Siberian State Medical University Library in Tomsk hosted an unusual for Internet Access and Training Program seminar called “Women Health in 21st Century”. Open World Alumni, “Gender Club” members, guests from Tomsk Rotary Club and Professional Development Center “Personnel” attended the event.

Literature on Internet

Galina Schekina – a member of Russia Writers Association – conducted another “Literature on Internet” seminar at the Internet Access and Training Program Site located in Vologda Regional Universal Scientific Library in honor of Babushkin. This time traditional audience – young poets and writers from “List” Literature Club – was joined by other individuals interested in Vologda Internet resources devoted to literature.

Meeting of OW Alumni in Nahodka

On January 30, 2006 Open World alumni met at the Internet Access and Training Center in Nakhodka to discuss possibilities of cooperation with local non-governmental organizations.

Supporting Alumni-Driven Projects

Project Harmony, Inc. in its 6th Phase of Internet Access and Training Program continues to provide a targeted support of USG alumni projects within Alumni Initiative Fund framework.
Conferences, trainings, seminars, courses, community events and other activities aimed at integration of academic and professional use of Internet in Russian society can be Alumni Initiative Fund projects.

Volgograd Youth Against Drugs and AIDS

On December 1, 2005, 48 Volgograd youth attended a seminar on “How to Protect Yourself from AIDS and Drug Addiction”. The event took place in the Volgograd IATP Center located in Regional Library named after Gorky and under patronage of the Library staff, the Volgograd Branch of the Federal Department of Drug Control, and the AIDS Prevention Center. Participants were introduced to the “Drug Free Future” Contest and got acquainted with a web forum called “We Are Against Drugs Promotion” supported by the Internet Access and Training Program.

“First Steps” CD-ROM Presentation

Interested patrons view the new CD-ROM at the IATP Center
Interested patrons view the new CD-ROM at the IATP Center
“First Steps” CD-ROM Presentation took place in Primorye Regional Library for Blind People in Vladivostok on November 30 , 2005. The disk contains poetry by people with different limited vision abilities, articles on handicapped poets and their biographies.

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