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Internet and Computer Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

The IATP Alumni Initiative Fund implementation comes to a close in Magadan. Alumna Tatiana Slobodina’s seminars “Internet and Computer Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning” consisted of 24 hours of instruction (two 6-hours and three 4-hours) and included intensive interactive lectures and hands-on practice sessions.

Several teachers from local schools and gymnasiums took part (№ 1, 2, 7, 13, 18, 24, 27, 30) in addition to instructors from the Northern Humanitarian Lyceum and Northern international University. Each seminar gathered 10 to 15 people of which only six had basic computer knowledge and four possessed limited Internet knowledge. A survey conducted at the beginning of the project underscored that none of the participants were using the Internet or computers in the education process.

The participants gained a broad knowledge of the linguistic capabilities available on the Internet, learning software platforms dedicated to teaching foreign languages and the options the Internet presents for planning foreign language study and enhancing communication.

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