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IATP Alumni Programming

Any participant of an exchange program conducted and financed by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State (ECA) is eligible to attend events sponsored by IATP. This includes participation in courses, seminars and summer training sessions, access to modem pools, online chats and forums, and eligibility for grant competitions specifically for alumni. In keeping with the mission of IATP to provide free and open access for all, alumni of non-ECA programs are also welcome to use IATP centers, but may not participate in grant competitions or use modem pools.

Following is a list of ECA sponsored programs, alumni of which are given priority access to IATP centers. Please note that for the purposes of IATP, not all ECA programs are included in this list.

  • Awards for Teachers of English and American Studies (TEA)
  • Business for Russia (BFR)
  • Community Connections (CC)
  • Edmund S. Muskie/FSA Graduate Program (Muskie)
  • FSA Contemporary Issues Fellowship (CI)
  • FSA Educational Partnerships Program
  • FSA Secondary School Exchange Program (FLEX and/or “Bradley”)
  • FSA Undergraduate Exchange Program (FSA-UGRAD)
  • Fulbright Graduate Student Program
  • Fullbright Senior Scholar Program
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • International Visitor’s Program (IV)
  • Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP)
  • NIS Colleges and University Partnerships
  • Partners in Education (PIE)
  • Professional Exchanges and Training Programs
  • Regional Scholar Exchange Program (RSEP)
  • Russia/U.S. Young Leadership Fellows for Public Service Program
  • Summer Institutes for Foreign University Educators
  • Summer Institutes for Secondary School Educators
  • School Linkage Program (SLP)
  • School Partnerships Program or Secondary School Excellence Program (SSEP)

Acceptable for Classes:

  • Open World Russian Leadership Program (RLP)
  • Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT)

Alumni bring knowledge, experience and professionalism to the IATP sites that they use. Generally, they are teachers, students or career professionals who have traveled to the United States, conducted research, studied or taught in U.S. schools or universities or cooperated with professionals in their respective fields. Computer access allows Alumni to remain in contact with their colleagues abroad and continue the exchange of ideas, research or cooperation begun during the time of their exchanges. Alumni with computer experience may choose to assist with training sessions and seminars on topics ranging from internet-commerce to programs like MS-ACCESS. Finally, Project Harmony receives its funding for IATP from the U.S. Department of State, which maintains a strong commitment to continued training and support for Alumni of ECA programs.

Alumni may want to participate in training sessions on web-design and HTML, thematic seminars and on-line chats related to their professions or areas of study and/or expertise, workshops on career-development and job-resources, or even training sessions on public-speaking and presentation skills. Alumni might like to create personal web pages or web pages for their Alumni associations, if they belong to any. They may be instrumental in choosing topics for thematic seminars and chats. Many Alumni may want to volunteer at the Center as assistants or trainers.


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