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Online web-forums are now open!

Project Harmony and the IATP welcome you to review an international cultural exchange project between the Yerevan School for Deaf Children #10 (Armenia), Austine School for the Deaf (Vermont, USA) and Semyonovskaya School for Children with Hearing Impairments (Mari El, Russia)!

Schools for children with hearing impairments in Armenia, America and Russia have joined together to introduce each other to local cultures and speak about interests common to all. The students have begun to share their views and ask one another questions about life in their native lands. Once the students and teachers decide upon a topic they will all participate in a web chat. (The chat will not use sound - only text and video). The Internet Access and Training Program (IATP) has provided web forums for students and teachers to converse and organize the project. Currently, you will find students and faculty discussing the following topics:

    * Personal introductions
    * Sharing information about each school
    * Selection of topics for the online chat
    * Agreeing upon dates for the online chat

General Public:

Students Unite web forums: stop by this link to chat with other participants. Click here

Project Administrators:

Web forums: go to this link to access all forums Click here

  1. Forum and Chat Technical Assistance. Click here
  2. Let's discuss the project. Click here
  3. Live-chat topic suggestions. Click here

The Internet Access and Training Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State's, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs through the FREEDOM Support Act and administered in Russia by «Project Harmony Inc.».
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